Lake Superior


Every season we head back to our kayaking roots and join our friends for some exciting whitewater along the shores of Lake Superior.  However, this year the creeks ran for about two weeks in March, leaving them bone dry for only hikers and fisherman to enjoy.

But . . . that didn’t stop us from enjoying the beauty that Lake Superior has to offer.  Nate and I, along with Nate’s parents, tied on four touring kayaks and headed North.

We had two days to get in some miles on the lake.  The first day, we paddled north, starting from the Baptism River and up about 2 ½ miles.  This stretch of the shore contained many arches, some of which we paddled through, sea caves and various shapes and colors of rock . . . breathtaking!  The next day we put in at Sugar Loaf Road and paddled to the Manitou River.  This stretch was a little less scenic than the day before, until we arrived at the Manitou.  Here, displayed a waterfall (about 35 feet), which has been ran a few times at higher water levels.  We enjoyed this secluded place for awhile before heading back to our vehicle.  5 hours of paddling and we were all tired, sun-burned and hungry.

This was our first time experiencing this type of kayaking . . . Even though we didn’t get that adrenaline fix, like whitewater kayaking offers, we experienced the satisfaction of seeing new places and spending quality time with the two things we love:  family & the water.

Heather Herbeck


Paddling the north shore of Lake Superior